Some differences that arise concern the brand and the type of implant that a person wants to use. But some price differences are related to the comparisons that patients are doing and are completely false. The reason for this is that the conditions for any two patients are not similar in the treatment of an implant. For example, a patient refers to the dentist complaining that the height of his upper gingival bone is low. In order to have an implant fitted to the patient, sinus surgery should be performed to keep the sinus area up. To insert part of the implant into the gum, bone grafting should be done. Also, when a patient refers to the dentist for implant treatment, and part of the lobe of the lips is destroyed due to erosion, infection, or other problems, the implant is still done, but the bone needs to be restored, which requires a series of materials, time and special techniques. In addition, a patient that has undergone sinus surgery before the implant should not compare the price of his treatment with the person whose condition is normal and appropriate.

What is this difference in price?
This kind of misleading comparison is prevalent among people who have performed implant treatment. Different techniques are implemented during an implant treatment depending on the patient’s condition. But another part of the difference in prices for implant treatment depends on the brands used. For example, Swedish, Swiss, German and American systems are the four countries that have much to say in designing, designing, materials, and medical supplies, and therefore are more expensive.

However, there are also inexpensive implants that the dentist usually describes their different capabilities, the advantages and disadvantages of each of them when a patient visits. The patient pays more for better quality to some extent, but after that, he pays for the brand used. Another part of the cost of implant treatment is the dentist's wage. There are fixed tariffs for implants annually. The rest of the costs are due to materials and things that are used differently. However, it should not be forgotten that in the patients that the bone has been destroyed, restoration should be done which itself costs extra. Therefore, the cost may be higher. Also, the dentist who performs this spends extra time, and he should be skilled and knowledgeable.

Here, the dentist must be paid extra for the extra work he or she is doing. This difference in prices for implant treatment is related to these factors.


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