Postoperative care after Rhinoplasty is one of the most important things that all people who carry out this surgery should do since post-surgical care is critical in improving nasal shape and recovery. Bathing is one of the most significant aspects of nasal aftercare, which is a condition that needs to be carefully followed.

After nasal surgery, a splint or nasal plaster is attached to the nose. This dressing should stay on the nose for a week. If the dressing gets wet, it may get removed or dropped, which will affect the result of the operation. On the other hand, soaking the skin under the splint causes itching and irritation that is annoying. That's why it's best not to let the splint get wet in the first week.

It is vital to use the nose plaster after bathing immediately or if you cannot do it quickly go to your surgeon to do it for you because nose will swell if you do not follow this.

It is recommended that the patient take a bath before the surgery and do not shower for up to two days after surgery. Due to the fact that the dressing should not be soaked, or the patient might feel dizzy because of anesthetic drugs.

In the first week, because of the maintenance of the splint, it is better for the patient first to wash his head and hair. After a week when the splint is going to be removed, it is best if the patient could take a shower before visiting the surgeon so the doctor can remove the splint easier. The patient should also avoid hot water or sauna in the first few weeks, as they might cause inflammation of the skin and swelling of the nose. In addition, the skin is sensitive to sunlight during the first months after surgery; then the person should not be exposed to sunlight for six months and be sure to use a hat and sunscreen with an SPF higher than 20.

If a person wears glasses, it is best to use contact lenses for 48 hours after surgery and not wear glasses for 4 to 6 weeks. It is also better not to swim due to the vulnerability of the skeletal muscle and the mucous membrane of the nose for one month or as long as the physician allows it.

These are just a few tips and postoperative care that have been explained. It is advised to people to pay full attention to the points that surgeons explain as well as to discuss with those who have completed this surgery, to be able to deal with it without difficulty.



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