Breast Augmentation
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Breast augmentation, commonly known as a boob job, is performed to improve breasts' size, alter their shape, and restore symmetry. Many women who are unsatisfied with their small sized breasts undergo augmentation mammoplasty. It is vital that you learn more about the procedure, pre and post-op precautions and the possible complications.

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Mostafa Khomeini Hospital

Mostafa Khomeini Hospital

Iran, Tehran
Breast Augmentation
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Pasteurno Tehran Hospital

Pasteurno Tehran Hospital

Iran, Tehran
Breast Augmentation
Pasteur no Specialized and sub-specialized hospital was found by Dr. Karim Ghiasi in 1974. It has an area of 1000 square meters with 7 Floors.It is located in Ahmed Chaser Avenue, Argentine Square, Tehran, Iran. Providing the ideal scienti…

Breast Augmentation in Iran

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How does breast augmentation work?

Breast augmentation is carried out using two main techniques; “implants placement” and “fat transfer” (which is the latest method for breast.)

Fat Transfer (fat grafting)

Fat transfer or fat grafting uses your own body fat to increase your breasts' size. Compared to breast implants, the procedure is safer, more natural, and leaves little to no scarring. With fat transfer, no needle, scalpel or even stitches are required. Just as with liposuction, the plastic surgeon makes two or three incisions that are only a few inches long. Long and narrow tubes are placed through these incisions to inject the fat. Fat transfer is the perfect option for women who wish to increase their breasts' size but don’t want their breasts to look "fake". Also, fat grafting uses your own body tissue and as a result, you are less likely to experience life-threatening complications. The following steps are what the procedure generally entails.

  • Local anesthesia
  • Extracting fat from other areas of the body (hips, belly, butt, or thighs)
  • Making small incisions on the breasts
  • Inserting the tube and injecting previously removed fat into the breasts

There is some point to mention; firstly, one of the major benefits of fat transfer is that by removing fat from areas such as belly, hips, thighs or arms and injecting it into the breasts, you will have a body shape that is closer to the ideal silhouette shape. Also, according to a study, fat transfer can be performed on underweight women (BMI≤18.5) as well as women with higher BMI. However, the volume of the injected fat will be significantly smaller. You should also keep in mind that fat transfer will increase your breast size to about a cup. For larger degrees of augmentation, you should go for breast implants.

Breast Implants

Breast implants surgery is probably the most common method of enhancing and augmenting breasts. A breast implant surgery is carried out under general anesthesia, takes about 60 to 90 minutes, and you won't need a hospital stay if you undergo the surgery earlier in the day. Moreover, a board-certified plastic surgeon will do her best to leave almost invisible scars that can be easily hidden under a bra.

Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Lift

While a breast augmentation primarily focuses on increasing the size and enhancing the shape of your bust, a breast lift benefits your breasts regarding a more upwards, youthful look and will treat drooping breasts. A breast lift involves making some incisions. Sometimes a breast lift can be performed in conjunction with breast augmentation to provide a satisfactory breast look; the procedure is known as mastopexy. 

Should I get a breast augmentation?

If you are unhappy with your breasts appearance and would like to enhance them, you may consider undergoing breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation procedures can address many issues in the breast:

  • Uneven breasts: when one breast is a different shape or size than the other.
  • Size of the breasts: underdeveloped or small breasts
  • Absence of breasts: women who have been subject to mastectomy or are on their male to female transition journey.

You are not a good candidate for boob job if you have an active infection in your body or have cancer that is not adequately treated. Your family history should also be checked regarding cancer-related medical conditions. Generally, you can get breast augmentation surgery if:

  • You are in overall good health
  • Your breasts are sufficiently developed (you are over 18-22 years old)
  • You are in a stable weight
  • You have finished breastfeeding for 3-6 months

Why is Iran the best place for safe breast augmentation?

As long as your surgeon specializes in aesthetic breast surgery, you can make sure you are in good care. In Iran, 200,000 breast surgeries are performed annually, Surgeons are educated in the best medical schools, and hospitals offer high-tech facilities. Also, Breast augmentation surgery is among the top 5 surgeries performed in Iran. You can undergo breast augmentation surgery in Iran at exceedingly low costs. The cheap accommodation, beautiful tourist sites, and low-cost expenses tempt many people from foreign countries to undergo their breast augmentation in Iran. 

What You need to do before Breast Augmentation surgery

It is safe to say that the procedure starts weeks before the actual surgery day. Pre-op tips are just as important as post-op instructions and should not be taken for granted.

  • You should avoid consuming aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs, supplements, or natural blood thinners such as almonds, apples, garlic, berries, and ginger.
  • Quit tobacco and alcohol at least two weeks prior to the surgery.
  • Complete any required lab tests.
  • Consume nothing including water after midnight before the surgery.

Mammoplasty post-op recovery tips and upkeep

The minute you walk out of the clinic. you can see the gorgeous results of your breast augmentation surgery. Beautiful long-term results depend on whether or not you carefully observe your doctor's instructions starting from day one after the procedure. 

  • For the first few days after the surgery, you should get plenty of rest
  • On the second day, you can take showers by carefully patting dry the bandages. Baths are not allowed.
  • Sleep on your back for a few days after the surgery
  • Try to sit, stand, and walk slowly to prevent blood clots
  • Do not lift objects heavier than 5 pounds for six weeks after the surgery

After the recovery phase, your new breasts still need attention. Follow these tips as a part of your routine daily life to ensure more healthy-looking breasts and fewer chances of complications.

  • After the surgery, wearing high-quality bras is more important than ever before. You will need to fight the gravity and make sure everything stays put.
  • Work out a mammogram schedule that you won't skip. All women are required to get regular mammograms. Since your implants make it difficult to detect lumps, it is recommended that you stick to your screening sessions even more.
  • Remember that weight-gain will take its toll on your breast augmentation results. Maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain good-looking breasts in the long run.

Boob Job Risks and side effects

  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • Nipple and breast sensation numbness
  • Implant rupture


Does breast augmentation affect pregnancy or breastfeeding?

During breast augmentation surgery, whether it’s the breasts implant or fat transfer procedure, it wouldn't interfere with your breast ducts or the areas where milk is produced. However, it also depends on the area of the incision and the techniques utilized in the surgery.

Is breast augmentation safe?

Breast fat transfer's complications include fat necrosis, calcification, the formation of encapsulated fatty masses (cystic lesions). However, an accredited surgeon will help you enjoy having an appealing body shape without any dangerous side effects.

Does breast augmentation hurt?

During the surgery, you will be under anesthesia and you won't feel any pain. A little discomfort that follows when you go home can be treated with pain relief medications. 

Can breast augmentation cause hair loss or back pain?

A temporary hair loss can occur due to the surgery. Moreover, One of the rare complications of breast augmentation is an autoimmune reaction to the implant. Hair loss and back pain could be some of the side effects of this condition. With regular monitoring of your breasts, you can ensure that you won't face autoimmune reaction.

How long does breast augmentation last?

Some studies indicate breast implants surgery may last something between 10-20 years. It is recommended to have your breasts diagnosed regularly to detect any implant rupture. 

Does breast augmentation leave scars?

Fat transfer breast augmentation involves few incisions that are not more than a few inches long and won't leave visible scars. Breast augmentation with implants, however, requires incisions and will leave scars that can be easily hidden under a bra.

Does breast augmentation cause breast cancer?

There are no studies that suggest breast augmentation leads to cancer. But you should make sure you have no family history of cancer or your previous cancer is adequately treated.

Is breast augmentation considered major surgery?

Although it is an invasive procedure, it is not considered major surgery. Breast augmentation involves making a few incisions without risking patients life.

Does breast augmentation affect nipple sensitivity?

Some methods or incisions are likely to result in loss of feeling in the nipple. However, your nipple could still be able to respond to cold and stimulation even if you can't feel the nipples. 

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