Over time, teeth are affected by decay and fractures. According to the conditions and the type of complication, a particular method is provided by dentists to repair the damaged teeth.

A dental sealant is one of the ways to completely rebuild teeth, which is considered as an indirect tooth repair. To select this method, you should pay attention to the remaining teeth structures, patient habits, and tooth condition.

In the restoration of the teeth, the restorative substance is placed between the remaining walls of the tooth and leads to tooth resistance to the fracture of the teeth, resulting in a beautiful appearance of the teeth.

The sealant treatment is done when the crown of the tooth is damaged due to decay or impact of fracture after root cure.

When the restoration and sealant treatment of teeth are performed with great care and skill, it lasts longer. The durability of the tooth depends on the brushing and the use of the dental floss.

The life of the sealant depends on the type of diet, the composition of the saliva, the strength of the tooth and the concentration of water fluoride.

The most important point is the use of carbohydrates, namely sweets and snacks. It's natural that the more sugar is used per day, the more the teeth are exposed to decay.

The two main causes of dental caries and decay are bacteria that are present in the mouth and the consumption of sugary foods.

Dentists fill teeth with materials made of calcium and silicone compounds.

The tooth is covered and protected with a tough layer called enamel, but may still be damaged or even ruined by various factors such as severe forces, sudden blows or widespread caries. In such a situation, the tooth should be restored with dental treatments appropriate to the condition.

If the tooth is fractured, cracked or chipped for any reason, the patient should go to the dentist as soon as possible. Otherwise, the damage will spread, and the tooth may become infected.

If the damaged tooth is located in front of the mouth and exposed, the dentist may probably use a substance which has the same color as the original teeth called "composite resin" to repair it. This treatment is called bonding. If a large part of the tooth is fractured, whether due to trauma or an extensive decay, the damaged parts are cut and a crown called synthetic crown or sealant is placed on the rest of the tooth structure. The veneer is very similar to the natural crown of the tooth, and it is, in fact, a substitute for beauty and function to protect the rest of the tooth structure.

If the entire surface of the tooth is fractured, but the root is still healthy, the dentist may perform endodontic treatment and use a rod or post to strengthen the tooth.

Laminate or veneer: if the front teeth are chipped or fractured, they can be repaired with laminate or veneer. If the fracture of the tooth is large and has reached the central part of the tooth (the pulp), endodontic should be performed. The tooth sealant is used to repair and completely cover the rotten and empty tooth.

The probability of a fracture in a filled tooth is higher compared to a healthy tooth, so your dentist may put a crown on your tooth to protect it.

In some cases, the filled tooth may look darker especially if the tooth is dead due to injuries such as trauma. There are various ways performed by your dentist in order to whiten the tooth.

In the treatment of root canal, new methods and devices are used.


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