Hair loss is one of the common problems that most men suffer from. Some of the causes of hair loss are hormonal disorders or taking medications which are treatable. Otherwise, this problem that sometimes causes depression and lack of confidence can be easily solved with the hair transplant.

The main application
Transplantation of natural growable hair (from the patient himself) and permanent elimination of baldness of the head and eyebrows

Possible complications
There might be a swelling and blood clotting in the region of the graft and behind the head. This swelling may also extend to the forehead. Losing of the transplanted hair after three weeks is entirely temporary.

Postoperative care
The swelling of the treated area and the back of the head gradually disappears, the treated area becomes crusted. This crust should not be plucked. Head rinses should be with cautious and should not harm the transplanted hair.

Who are the best candidates for eyebrow transplant?

  • Those with thin eyebrows to make their eyebrows fuller
  • Those who do not have beautiful eyebrows shape and form (they are always forced to correct the shape of the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil). They can transplant eyebrows to change the style.
  • Those who have burns or stitches (scarring) in their eyebrows are the best candidates for eyebrow transplant to restore them.
  • Those who have already done permanent eyebrow tattoo but are tired of their form can also apply eyebrow transplant on their tattoos using special techniques.
  • Those who have lost part of their eyebrows due to certain diseases or other things can do eyebrow transplant to fill in those areas of ​​their eyebrows.


How is eyebrow transplant done?

First, you will apply eyebrow pencil to show your favorite eyebrow shape, and then the surgeon will examine it to apply the necessary changes (in consultation with you) and choose the best eyebrow model that perfectly suits you, then eyebrows are transplanted on the same eyebrow pencil model with your natural hair.

The professional method here is:
The surgeon should choose from this amount of hair removed from the head only a certain number of this hair that has a thickness corresponding to your eyebrow hair (not from all hair of any thickness). In other words, thin hair with the same diameter as your eyebrow hair should be chosen. Because if the hair is thick, the eyebrows are created harshly and unpleasantly. Choosing this right hair diameter requires skillful professionals.

In the transplant of eyebrows using new methods and considering the microscopic nature of the procedure and the use of very delicate tools, there will be no sign of transplantation on the skin after 2-3 days.

Usually, the transplanted hair starts falling out 2 to 4 weeks after the procedure, so the individual must wait at least 3-6 months to see regrowth of the hair.

Eyebrow transplantation does not require dressing, so it is easy for the patient.



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