Among the current methods, one cannot say explicitly that there is only one method for abdominal surgery which is the appropriate option because each way has its disadvantages and advantages. The surgeon should determine the best method according to the physical conditions and needs of the individual. The patient may also be involved in choosing the type of surgery to some extent, but the surgeon will make the final decision based on his/her experience and vision.

Does abdominal surgery also have a therapeutic aspect?

Abdominal surgery can rarely have a therapeutic role since it is mostly aesthetics unless the abdomen is too large, a large amount of fat has accumulated, and there is too much pressure on the patient's waist; at that time, the surgery can have a therapeutic aspect.


Who are the appropriate candidates for abdominal surgery?

There are some medical limitations in abdominal surgery; for example, those with heart diseases, respiratory problems, and chronic illnesses cannot be proper candidates for this surgery. Also, people with uncontrolled diabetes are not good candidates for this surgery.

Is BMI important in abdominal surgery?

Yes, people who have a high BMI and their obesity are not localized, are not the ideal candidates for abdominal surgery. People with topical obesity are the best candidates for abdominal surgery; those who have been able to reduce their weight with the help of diet and exercise, so abdominal surgery is used for them to eliminate remaining excess fat in areas such as the abdomen. BMI should be between 30 and 35. Those with a BMI higher than this amount are not allowed to undergo body sculpture. Other weight loss surgery methods such as gastric sleeve or bypass should be used for these patients.

Is the result of abdominal surgery reversible?

In patients who binge eat or consume greasy food, there is a chance that the result is reversible. Therefore, people should avoid overeating or consuming greasy food since body fat is reversible.

Are the stitch marks permanent?

Everyone who wants to have abdominal surgery should know that the stitch marks are permanent. The extent of how durable they depend both on the surgeon and the patient.


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