Today, the popularity of eyebrow transplant around the globe, especially for women, is rising, and despite the hair loss of eyebrows due to several factors such as poor nutrition, skin diseases, stress, chemotherapy, and so on, many people want to restore the hair in that area of their face, because having beautiful eyebrows, in addition to the attractive appearance of a person's face, can enhance her confidence, especially in women.

When is eyebrow transplant done?

When a part of the eyebrow has completely fallen out and has not regrown after a year, for example, in people, who suffer from permanent hair loss due to skin diseases or tattoos, the eyebrow transplant is done.

There is a fracture line in the eyebrows.

Eyebrow hair has wholly decreased. It should be noted that in most cases, the hair from the scalp is used as alternative hair because it has perpetual growth and needs to be trimmed and arranged. The eyebrow transplant is highly specialized and requires the surgeon to understand the physiology of the hair fully and to be aware of the direction of the growth of eyebrows at different points. That is why in many cases, incorrect transplantation results in an inappropriate and permanent image.

Eyebrow transplant method

The eyebrow area is prepared, and tiny incisions in the area of the eyebrow are created. The small cuts create firm clamps in order to hold the grafts of a single hair that have already been removed. In order to achieve the best natural results, it is essential to pay attention to the natural direction of hair growth and dispersion of the hair. Hair growth in the transplanted eyebrow follows the same pattern as hair in the scalp. Transplanted eyebrow hair is permanent and steadily grows and need to be trimmed more often compared to normal eyebrows. Patients may require 300 to 1000 hair follicles for each eyebrow. The number of hair may vary according to the gender and ethnic background of the patient and, finally, the facial features of the individual.

Common questions regarding eyebrow transplant

Who are the best candidates for this surgery?

We recommend eyebrow transplant to anyone whose eyebrows have been fallen out or become thin due to excessive tweezing, scarring or thyroid disease.


How is this surgery done?

In this way, each of the eyebrows is designed individually to match the specific features of the patient's face, and of course, according to the patient's personal preferences. The eyebrow transplant surgeon also pays attention to the proper thickness, the shape of the arch, eyebrow length and distance between eyebrows.

The surgeon uses the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) method or follicular unit extraction (FUE) to remove the donor grafts from the back of the head or end of the ear or other parts of the body. Then small cuts are created on the receptor area, and the surgeon replaces the donating grafts in those sections.

During the surgical procedure, the patient can be awake from the beginning to the end. However, you may be given a sedative before the surgery. There is no need for intravenous injection (IV).

How is the shape of the eyebrows determined before surgery?

Most patients take a photo of a celebrity whose eyebrows are ideal to them to their doctor's appointment, or they show pictures of themselves at younger ages to show the pervious condition of their eyebrows. However, in addition to paying attention to whatever the patient presents to the surgeon, the surgeon considers the fit, harmony, and shape of the eyebrows with the characteristics of the patient's face. On the day of surgery, the shape of the eyebrows is drawn onto the patient's face, and the patient confirms whether she likes it or not.

How long does the recovery of eyebrow transplant take?

In fact, eyebrow transplant surgery does not have a long recovery time, but you have to rest enough to eliminate the resulting swelling. It may take one or two days, and you may even see scratches on the treated area. Itching and mild burning may also be present, but are likely to be temporary and easily treated with topical lotion.

Does baldness in the donor area where the grafts are removed happen?

No, it does not. The surgeon selects each hair strand in a way that I will not affect the density of the hair and its shape in the donating area. In addition, in the traditional FUT method, the surgeon designs and selects the location of hair removal and placement so that there is no visible scarring.

Who does the eyebrow implant?

This surgery is done by an approved dermatologist. It is essential to be careful about choosing a surgeon because each physician and the surgeon do not have the skill and experience to design and transplant eyebrows.

How long does eyebrow transplant take?

In general, this surgery can take up to 4-5 hours and sometimes it takes up to 6 hours in some clinics. Half of the entire time is spent on removing hair grafts, and the other half will be used for planting.

Is eyebrow transplant painful?

This method is not painful because the surgeon uses anesthetic medication. However, when the effect of the drug is reduced, you may have a little burning sensation, but this can be controlled with medication.

How many grafts are needed for eyebrow transplant surgery?

To hide the wounds, you may need something about twelve grafts or more for transplanting among the eyebrow hair or increasing the volume of the eyebrows. To change the shape of the eyebrow, about 50 to 250 grafts per eyebrow might be required. The number of grafts will vary slightly depending on the size, the density, and shape of the eyebrows.

What are the potential risks related to eyebrow transplant?

This method has minimal risk, but in rare cases, the hair may grow in the opposite direction. If this happens, you can change the hair strands in a way that they become in the ideal direction.

However, at worst, eyebrows can be tweezed. Inflammation after surgery is also very likely, but it will disappear after a few days.

How long does the recovery take and when can I go back to my daily activities?

The duration of recovery after the surgery is very short. Some may even return to work after two days. However, you might see swelling for up to 5 days after surgery in the area where the grafts are transplanted.

How long is recovery and when can I go back to my daily activities?

The duration of recovery after surgery is very short. Some may even return to work after two days. However, you will see swelling for up to 5 days after surgery in the area where the grafts are grafted.

How long does it take to see the ultimate result?

Just like the hair transplant on the scalp, hair grafts in the eyebrows will also be severely depleted during the first two months before the new hair grows. It will fully grow within 4-6 months, and hair growth will continue every month.

What is the cost of eyebrow transplant surgery?

The cost of this surgery is different for each patient and in each clinic. The costs depend on the number of grafts required and the surgeon's wages. The patient must pay a certain amount per graft, and the price of grafts will vary depending on which region and country you live in.

How long does the result and effect of the eyebrow transplant last?

The hair that grows, in the end, is permanent, just like all natural hair in your body. However, the bundles of hair in the eyebrows will not grow longer than the rest of the hair of the eyebrow, since the transplanted hair gets the characteristics of the surrounding hair. To maintain the proper shape and length of the eyebrows, you should probably tweeze them like natural eyebrows.


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