According to physicians, breathing disorder and loss of sense of smell are temporary in people who carry out rhinoplasty, and these disorders are resolved over time and after recovery. The causes of this disorder and its treatment have been explained below.
Reduction in the sense of smell after the surgery is due to swelling caused by the operation, which causes the blockage of the pathway of the olfactory cells. When this path is blocked, people cannot smell, and their sense of smell is not irritated, and the person feels that he has lost his sense of smell, but fortunately, this feeling disappears over time. As a result, paths that stimulate a sense of smell are opened, and the person returns to the original state.

Usually, the main causes of the respiratory restriction and problems which last for more than two months from the time of the surgery are due to mucous membrane adhesion, non-correction of deviated septum deflection, and hypertrophy. As a result, the accuracy of the surgeon, his attention to the nasal physiology and the consideration of all these cases during surgery can significantly reduce the risk of this problem.
Another common problem after Rhinoplasty is the bad odor that a person feels in his nose. The reason for this bad odor can be due to dry discharge or infections, as well as stitches, in which case the patient must go to the doctor to undergo an examination and treatment.
Permanent washout of the nose with a suitable serum and keeping the mucous membrane of the nose moisturized is very useful in removing this disorder. By using the nasal wash serum, you can clean the blood clots in the nose and keep the ducts clean and eliminate the disorder, as well as reduction of swelling. Steroid sprays are used to reduce the swelling of the nasal mucous if the loss of sense of smell takes longer than 2-3 weeks.
People with nasal polyps should have their nose and sinus CT scan taken before the surgery in order to treat their problem. With the treatment of polyp and nasal deflection, these people can breathe better, and their sense of smell will become doubled.

As a result, individuals should take into account the conditions of the surgery and the complications arising from it, and it is better for them to visit a skilled surgeon and trust him and follow the instructions of the surgeon until the end of the treatment period.


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