Techniques are more refined and specialists' experience is more advanced to ever rely on scalpel alone.

Cosmetic treatments are more popular than ever before. With Instagram beauty trends showing up in every corner, people opting for different cosmetic surgeries shouldn't come as a surprise. But is surgery the only way to achieve celebrity features? Experts say it is not. As of the year 2019, techniques are more refined and specialists' experience is more advanced to ever rely on scalpel alone.

Let's not get too excited over non-surgical cosmetic treatments. They are here to fulfill subtle changes but they cannot necessarily act as fairy godmothers offering an ideal selfie-ready appearance. Read on to learn more about what non-surgical treatments may or may not offer along with all the potential risks not every practitioner tells you about.

Dermal Fillers

Since the 80s, when fillers first came into existence, specialists have been using various substances such as paraffin or silicone as permanent or temporarily techniques to overcome facial irregularities. Today, dermal fillers are mostly based on hyaluronic acid and can include Juvederm, Voluma, or Restylane. When we hear the word filler, the first thing that comes to mind is filling in the fine lines on the forehead or around the mouth. But dermal fillers can be beneficial in more ways.

Non-surgical nose job

Non-surgical nose job, better known as a liquid rhinoplasty, is a non-invasive nose reshaping procedure that uses fillers to create a more appealing nose shape. The satisfactory results of a liquid nose job often surprise many. Non-surgical rhinoplasty can be done in under an hour and requires no downtime. With 96% of patients finding it completely "worth it", this is an option you would want to consider before undergoing the traditional rhinoplasty surgery.

In one simple procedure, the specialist injects the dermal filler into the nose skin. Once inserted under the skin, fillers can be easily shaped to form the ideal look. You can get back to work immediately after a non-surgical nose job; hence they call it a lunchtime procedure. Results will be visible in 24 hours when the swelling or potential bruising subside. Depending on the type of dermal filler, you can expect the final result to last about a year or two.

Rhinoplasty without surgery can be performed to fix irregularity on the bridge of the nose such as a dorsal hump or drooping tip. By correcting the nose contour, it can also create symmetry. Many people who wish to undergo a rhinoplasty surgery try a liquid nose job beforehand to experience a demo of how their nose will look like after the classic surgery. 

Liquid rhinoplasty is a non-invasive surgery with fewer complications than a traditional nose reshaping surgery. Still, it involves syringes and could entail its own possible complications. In some rare cases, for example, serious vascular complications are reported

The advantages of a liquid nose job might tempt you to give it a try. However, you should have realistic expectations. Using dermal fillers cannot provide you with a treatment addressing functional deformities within the nose. Conditions such as a deviated septum can only be treated by procedures such as septorhinoplasty. You cannot expect a non-surgical rhinoplasty to straighten a severely crooked nose or reduce the size of your nose either.

Some people choose to go with liquid nose job because it is more affordable. The cost of non-surgical rhinoplasty in the US is about $2500 per year. But did you know you can undergo rhinoplasty surgery in the capital of rhinoplasty with half that price? Contact us to learn more about getting an affordable nose job (surgical or non-surgical) in Iran. 

Lip and Cheek Filler

The trend to have enhanced cheeks and lips is not going to fade away anytime soon. Millennials are flocking to clinics to get their lips and cheeks as plump as the Kardashians. Thanks to miracle syringes, the technique is non-invasive and takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

The most common dermal filler used to create the effect is Restylane. Although this hyaluronic-based substance generally has a good safety profile, some complications such as allergic reaction can happen in rare cases.

Under eye wrinkles, bags, and dark circle

A treatment like a blepharoplasty is considered extremely effective for removing wrinkles, under eye bags, or dark circles. But some people cannot afford the expensive surgery; for others, even the thought of having their eyelids cut into pieces freaks them out. This is where dermal fillers come to the rescue. Hyaluronic acid is used in most under eye creams because it works wonders to the delicate skin around the eye. Injecting the same substance under the eye can be even more effective. By restoring the lost volume, this natural substance reduces the appearance of dark circles and the effects of aging. The procedure is extremely quick and can be done in less than 30 minutes.

A Hollywood smile can be achieved affordably and pain-free.



Botox is probably the most common non-invasive procedure to counteract fine lines, wrinkle, and crow's feet. It is a mild version of a poison known as botulinum toxin that prevents the nerves from contracting. You can expect to see less of wrinkles in a week. Botox is not a permanent procedure and requires you to check in the clinic once a year. But it sure is effective enough to be the go-to beauty trick of many celebrities. 

Gummy smile

Although most people receive Botox to prevent/eliminate wrinkles, Botox can effectively address other issues as well. Most people with a gummy smile are insecure about laughing and showing too much of their teeth. Botox injection is the easiest and safest method to resolve the issue for at least a year. 

Through Alomedical, you can have a free consultation with dermatologists. We make sure each of your questions is answered. 

Liquid Facelift

A non-surgical facelift is a new technique to rejuvenate the face using both fillers and Botox. Dermal fillers can fill in the fine lines and plump up the skin while Botox relaxes the muscles and prevents too many contractions that can lead to wrinkles all over the face.

Compared to a classic facelift, a liquid facelift offers less pain and almost no downtime. It can also eliminate any scars that will be left after a surgical facelift. It would not be as effective though.

The most typical complication after a no surgery facelift is the so-called "wax figure". An accredited specialist knows he or she should perform the procedure moderately; you should be realistic as well. Do not aim for twenty years off your age and do not attempt to undergo many procedures in one session. We recommend temporary fillers. Using temporary dermal fillers can be beneficial for you in case the final result is not what you had in mind. 

Teeth whitening

With easy teeth whitening procedures, a Hollywood smile can be achieved affordably and pain-free. There are at-home teeth whitening kits and in-office procedures. Depending on the result you want to achieve, the dentist might recommend either of the techniques. In-office procedures involve using stronger bleaching. Some dentists suggest undergoing the procedure in the office and using the bleaching kits at home for optimal results.

Teeth whitening can be an alternative to dental veneers. It is less invasive and will cost less than veneers. It will not, however, treat chipped or irregular tooth; veneers can provide whiter teeth while offering more organized teeth.

These non-surgical procedures can give you the result you want with fewer complications and at a more affordable price. Make sure you outweigh every aspect of the non-surgical procedure. As convenient as the method might seem, a permanent surgical treatment could be more beneficial in the long run.


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