Radiotherapy is used to treat various types of cancer. In this treatment, radiation therapy instruments radiate a certain amount of radiation per day to a specific region of the body, which is called the volume of treatment.
Colon Cancer Treatment
The treatment should be planned, and the specialist doctor recognizes that if surgery is first performed, then chemotherapy, or vice versa; the person needs to avoid unnecessary actions that lead to waste of time and cost.
Bladder Cancer Treatment
Bladder cancer treatment options depend on some factors, including the type of cancer, the degree of cancer, and the stage of cancer that are considered with your general health and treatment preferences.
Cerebral Tumor
The treatment of cerebral tumor depends on the type, size, and location of the tumor, as well as overall health and patient’s preferences.
Cecal Cancer (Cecum)
If the disease is in the early stages, treatment can be simpler or as a single treatment. However, if the disease develops further, a type of treatment cannot be accountable. Therefore, different treatment methods should be used.
Breast Tumor
The masses found in the breast are different, but the most commonly encountered by many women are fibroadenomas, cysts, inflammatory and infectious tumors, fibrocystic breast diseases, fat necrosis, and some other specific masses.
Abdominal Cancer Surgery
Fortunately, contrary to many people's beliefs, gastric cancer can be treated in the early diagnosis, despite being dangerous. If in the early stages of the disease, a malignant ulcer can be seen in the stomach, an endoscope can remove the…
Chemotherapy is an infusion (intravenous injection with serum), a medicine that kills or stops the growth of cancer cells. Typically, chemotherapy drugs are injected intravenously within 5 minutes to 24 hours.
Spinal Cord Tumor
In general, the diagnosis of the spinal tumor is possible by clinical examinations, MRI, CT scan, biopsy or sampling. In most cases, spinal tumor surgery is considered as the last option. This means that non-surgical treatments such as rad…
Ovarian Cancer Treatment
New treatments for ovarian cancer can be very successful. Usually, the whole tumor or in advanced stage part of it will be removed with surgery as far as possible, followed by radiation therapy or chemotherapy.
Breast Cancer Treatment
Breast Cancer Treatment OptionsBreast cancer treatment options are extremely variable. It is, in large part, due to the various stages of cancer and the different cancer tumors that can appear in one's breast. While some people can effecti…