You've probably also heard that there are prosthetics in the market that by putting them in the face or chin, parts of the face become more attractive and desirable. The results of numerous studies by scientists show that distinguished chin and cheeks are one of the facial beauty measures. Naturally, the arc of the cheeks that forms part of the cheekbones makes them enhanced. In fact, those with prominent cheekbones have inherited their skeletons in this way. In some people, the cheekbones have not grown sufficiently; therefore, they have broad and deformed cheekbones.

How do we know that we need prosthetics?

Ideally, in a profile view, the vertical line that is pulled down from the side of your lower lip is to reach your chin. If the tip of your chin is behind this line, then your chin is behind the ideal area, and in this situation, it may be necessary to strengthen the chin, in order to coordinate your facial features. But if your tip of the chin is ahead of this vertical line, then you have an outstretched chin. You can have a smaller chin after a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

What effect does an ideal chin have on the appearance of people?

An ideal and proportional chin can improve your lips, teeth and nose. Chin prosthesis surgery can be done by local anesthesia and in some cases by general anesthesia.

Explain the surgical methods?

The surgeon will create a small incision in your mouth or under your chin. A chin prosthesis will be placed under your chin bone, and the incisions with be closed with absorbable stitches, and you will be discharged from the hospital a few hours after the surgery. If the operation is performed by a skilled plastic surgeon, the complications are rare. To be happy with the outcome of your chin surgery, carefully inform your surgeon about your demands before installing the prosthesis in order to avoid excessive expectations of surgery. In jaw surgery sometimes it is necessary to put an implant (prosthesis) in the chin to raise the chin. If your lower jaw is far behind where it should be and the lower half of your face appears depressed, there is another way to highlight your chin further, and that is jaw surgery. In this surgery, the maxillofacial surgeon will operate on you lower jaw and place it in an anterior position. In this case, your chin will look more prominent; especially if your chin has a natural bony prominence, you will achieve your desired shape and form with this surgery.
Sometimes in order to achieve the desired shape and form of the jaw and chin, both surgeries are required to be performed on your face; in other words, apart from the operation of the lower jaw, a prosthesis is also placed in your chin. This surgery will be more massive and you will have to prepare yourself for a more extended rest period.


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