For a long time, Botox has become famous in the rejuvenation sector. Most people are familiar with the benefits of this substance. Botox is a toxic substance that causes muscle paralysis for a while, which prevents the rapid progression of aging because muscle movements are less likely to occur. However, Botox cannot be injected into all areas of the face, because it is most commonly used for the upper face, for example, the forehead, over the eyebrows, the edges of the eye (claw-like lines) and in some cases, the nasal corners of the nose. The question may occur that what should be done for the lower part of the face. Gel and in some cases fat injections are recommended to be used. However, do not forget that gel and fat injections have a filling effect and do not cause muscle paralysis; they eliminate deep wrinkles and deformations. They can also be used to make facial volume in some areas such as cheeks and lips.

Why should gel, fat and Botox injections be done by a specialist?

Some people think that Botox or gel injections are easy and any doctor or non-specialist can do them. However, if the doctor is unfamiliar with the layers and tissues of the body, it can create problems for the person. If you have done your injections with a non-specialist, you are strongly advised to consult a specialist and avoid arbitrary actions.

Is it recommended to use gel or fillers to repair nasal problems?

Some people think that using gel and filler alone can solve a lot of nasal problems, so by injecting a large amount of these substances; they try to eliminate the issues. This is not the right way to correct the nasal imperfections because there is a risk of infection or nose necrosis (blackening of the skin). However, injecting a tiny amount of gel to eliminate minor problems is not a problem, but a lot of gel injection in the nose is not scientific.


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