Body sculpturing has a lot of fans, and most people like to have a belly, flank, back, thigh, and arm in a beautiful and healthy shape. We use different methods to extract fat from the body, which is called body sculpturing.

What are the methods used?
Ultra-Z, lipomatic, liposuction, body jet and other methods are known as minimally invasive methods. To remove fat from the body, holes are created in the body, through which we insert a special fluid into the body and then remove the fat from the body after a process. One of the methods for eliminating topical lipids is ultra Z or liposat.

How are ultra-Z or liposat done?
Ultrasonic lipolysis is a minimally invasive procedure for removing stained fats, such as the fat surrounding the thigh, flank, and chin. Ultrasonic lipolysis is a more efficient approach in reducing the fats resistant to exercise and diet with fewer side effects compared with older liposuction methods. With laser lipolysis, after local anesthetic and sterilization of the area, ultrasonic probes are introduced into the treated areas in order to eliminate excess fat, and then the fat turns into an emulsion and gets extracted from the body by suction. Because the surgeon creates a small incision in the treated area in ultrasonic lipolysis, this procedure is introduced as the partial surgery group. The patient notices weight loss and tightening of the skin immediately after the surgery, but the final results of the procedure are gradually evident within a few weeks, as during this period a continuous process takes place in the body. Fat particles are naturally removed from the body and the new collagen forms. You can usually drain about 2 kg of fat in one session and reduce the area around the treated area by 5 to 10 centimeters. Ultra Z lipolysis gives successful results in almost everywhere in the body where fat accumulation occurs, for example, sliming the arm; this is commonly used in the following areas:

  • Chin
  • Underarm
  • Waist and back
  • Flank
  • Hip
  • Sliming of the thighs (internal and external)
  • Knee
  • Abdomen
  • Ankle

    In all of these methods, the patients should know that when we remove fat, it is still possible that they become obese again because the fat we receive is accumulated somewhere in our body. In fat removal operations, we should leave some fat under the skin (2.5 cm). Otherwise, the skin may become bruised.
    We should choose people who are aware of this and can control their actions afterward and not overeat and exercise daily.

People who are overweight or have high BMI may have anesthetic problems for surgery. Also, since their obesity is not local, it is advisable to use other methods of weight loss, such as gastric bypass or gastric sleeve based on the advice of an expert. It is also recommended that people who are candidates for weight loss surgeries know that with the help of these methods, such as laser lipolysis, ultra Z and so on, they reduce size rather than losing weight.

Patients with psychological problems (mood disorders, personality, and depression which might lead to overeating) should not go through these surgeries. Besides, people with hormonal disorders should be treated under the supervision of an endocrinologist to address their hormonal problems. In all of these methods, we remove the local fats and only in that area where surgery is done, weight loss and size reduction happen.



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