Eyebrow transplant is not a type of makeup or tattoo procedure, but a method such as transplanting hair. In this method, hair is removed from the head, and it is planted at the desired location in the eyebrows. Eyebrows look quite normal after transplanting, they grow naturally and can be tweezed and dyed.

For eyebrow transplant, experts first investigate the cause of eyebrow loss, to see if there is a possibility of a cure, then they start treatment, because in some cases there may be no cause for eyebrow loss, which in this case if the eyebrow is transplanted, it will still fall out. As a result, we can transplant eyebrows if the hair loss is treated.

The best candidates for eyebrow transplantation are those who have utterly no eyebrows or have lost part of their eyebrows — women who have eyebrow tattoos and want to get the transplant done on their hairless tattoos.

The eyebrow transplant is the same as the transplantation of the hair. The follicles of one or two hair strands are usually removed from the head area or near the ears, using a very delicate and small device and placed in the holes created in the skin at the site of the planting which leaves no traces at all. This procedure is done with local anesthesia, and the only pain that the patient feels is the pain of injection of the anesthetic substance at the beginning of the process, in fact, during the procedure the patient feels asleep most of the time. After surgery, most patients do not need to take any pain reliever.

Growing hair is permanent and continues to grow like all natural hair in the body. It is necessary to say that in many cases the transplanted hair falls out during the first two weeks, which is quite reasonable and the patient does not have to worry. This eyebrow hair loss is part of the healing and treatment after eyebrow transplant. Hair growth starts again at the treated area. The full result of this treatment usually takes 12 months.


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