Gastric bypass surgery naturally has the common side effects of the operation and is a big surgery which alters gastrointestinal tract. One part of the stomach is taken and then connected to the intestine. One of the side effects of the operation is the adhesion that occurs to one person in one million cases. The gastric bypass surgery depends on your weight, whether you have tried your best to lose weight and have not managed to succeed, and have no choice but to have the surgery, however, if you have not tried or you are not overweight, do not undergo this surgery.

It takes two years for the gastrointestinal tract to get used to the surgery. You cannot overeat at initially; you'll get nauseous if you overindulge. If you eat frequently, your stomach will open up slowly. Your stomach is different from the stomach of the person who is not eating much and has become bigger gradually. The stomach can become smaller and then it can be enlarged again. Therefore, you have two years to learn healthy eating. After the bypass surgery you will lose a lot of weight, but if you learn how to eat well, eating healthy and low-calorie food and eating less food, then your body gradually will have the time to get used to healthy eating after these two years.

Does giving birth cause problems in gastric bypass surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery is not related to pregnancy, delivering and giving birth.


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