Lipomatic: It is a better replacement compared with traditional liposuction and lipolysis. Lipomatic is the most recent method of fat removal from the body with a completely different and unbelievable result compared with other fat removal methods such as liposuction or lipolysis. Fat cells are initially emulsified in an entirely physical way rather than using radiation or heat. The emulsion slowly gets discharged from the body to help with the body's configuration. The safety of this method is much higher compared with traditional liposuction technique.

  • No fat embolism syndrome
  • Due to three-dimensional cannula movements, the more normal drainage of subcutaneous fat results in a more natural appearance of the skin after lipomatic liposuction.
  • Three-dimensional movement of the cannula-lipomatic liposuction triggers the formation of collagen in the target area, thus accelerating the accumulation and tightening of the skin.
  • Infrasonic waves of the lipomatic liposuction device induce localized numbness and lysis of the cells, resulting in better and more comfortable conditions for the patient during and after surgery.
  • The lipomatic liposuction device protects the three important tissues including the vessels, nerves, and muscles. Lipomatic Liposuction cannula breaks down the fat 600 times per minute by swirling movements producing an emulsion, and then the device discharges the emulsion.



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