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Beard transplant is a procedure that involves taking hair follicles from some other parts of the body and transplanting to the face. Beard transplant procedure is rather simple and has minimal risks. It’s an increasingly popular cosmetic hair restoration among men all around the world. In this article you will have all the information you need about beard transplant recovery time, injuries and scars, side effects, etc.

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Mostafa Khomeini Hospital

Mostafa Khomeini Hospital

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Beard Transplant
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Pasteurno Tehran Hospital

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Beard Transplant
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Beard Transplant in Iran

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How does a beard transplant work?

Beard transplant involves removing some hairs from other hairy areas of the body to thicken facial hair. It’s actually some form of FUE which stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. Usually, hair follicles are extracted from the back of the scalp using extraction tools (although beard transplant from the neck is anotheralternative). That creates no beard transplant scars. Then the extracted hairs goes under the preparation process to be transplanted. 

Hair follicles will be transplanted in Scarred or gapped areas on the face where no hair already exists. The doctor marks these areas with a marker on the patients face before the start of the operation so the patient can have an idea of how the beard line is going to look once the beard transplant procedure is done. Hair follicles are planted with much delicacy so that the treated area would look identical to the rest. This way bead transplant results would be appreciable.    

In FUT method, hairs a stripe of hairs is removed from the scalp. Then the stripe is divided into tiny hair crafts. Crafts can have up to 4 hair individual hair follicles. These crafts then are placed in the target area. In FUT method, patient can experience less fall out. It takes about a week or two for the skinof donor area to repair itself because of the stiches. FUE is similar to FUT to some extent, but doesn’t involve a linear scar behind the head, at the donor area.

Where does beard transplant hair come from?

Typically about 3000 hair follicles are needed for a full beard transplant. Typically Each graft taken, includes 2-3 hair follicles.These follicles come from scalp, neck or even other face areas. About 1 in every 50 hair will be extracted from donor area to prevent obvious thinning.

Does a beard transplant look natural?

New hair follicles will be grafted permanently so the beard will look and function perfectly natural. Transplanted hair will have the same density, angle and type as the rest of the beard hair. So it will grow and function just like the original hair. .

How long do beard transplants last

Hair fall is completely natural In the first two weeks following the beard transplant procedure. But the falling doesn't affect the final result. Beard transplant growth is taking place at the same time, as all transplant beard reviews confirm, it lasts a lifetime. 

What you need to do before getting a beard transplant

Before the transplant there are some precautions patients need to take into consideration:

  • book an appointment with our specialist doctors who assist you in the process of choosing your fitting beard style and on other different matters. 
  • if you are going to have FUT, It’s recommended to have hairs with the length about 2 cm. so stitches will be covered afterward.
  • Taking any pill, supplement or vitamin is forbidden from a week before the transplant.
  • Using tea-tree shampoo during the week leading to the procedure can be helpful. 
  • Alcohol is an absolute No before any kind of medical procedure. In beard transplant case, there's a 48 ban. 
  • Alcohol can prolong the beard plant recovery time. A similar trait is seen in smoking. So it is likewise prohibited.

What to do after the beard transplant

After the procedure patients may feel some pain. Although beard transplant pain is usually insignificant which medication can take care of

  • Take some rest. Try not to put much pressure on your body, do hard work or exercise at least for a week. 
  • The rule for alcohol and smoking is also valid for beard transplant aftercare it’s better to not to wash transplanted hairs for the first five days after the procedure. after that you can wash them normally with normal hair shampoo. But it’s best to use baby shampoos. Don’t use hot water or apply pressure on transplanted area. 

When to shave after Beard transplant

It’s best not to shave transplanted hairs for at least 10 days. During 4 to 6 months following the procedure, new hair starts to grow. After that point, all facial hair can be treated the same way. 

Beard transplant cost in Iran

Even though beard transplant cost is usually above 1800 dollars in turkey, the transplant is available in Iran for only 570$ where the prices are much more economical due to the low currency value of the country. In other counties, price is even higher. For instance in Saudi Arabia it costs more than 4000$ and it starts from 3000 $ in France and Mexico. 

Risks and side effects

Beard transplant is not considered a risky procedure. There are little concerns regarding the afterward probable complications. Some of the beard transplant side effects could be:

  • In rare cases, infection or scars can occur because of the inadequate aftercare.
  • There’s also possible for the grafts to be planted too deep which leads to ingrown hair and inflammation.
  • The direction of planter hair can be incompatible with each other or the natural hair in place. That can seriously interfere improvement of beard transplant before and after's look! But of course it’s a problem caused by inexperienced surgeons. There’s no need to worry because our specialists are from the most experienced doctors in Iran and it is guaranteed for a year. 


Are beard transplants permanent?

Beard transplant is a permanent solution to attain a natural looking thicker facial hair.

Is beard transplant painful?

It’s surprising to know the procedure is almost pain-free. In FUT Removing hair follicles needs small incisions that create little discomfort. FUE is even more easier because there is no need for stripes. 

Is beard transplant haram

The question regarding the permissibility mostly considers the intention of the procedure. In one aspect, we can consider beard transplant Halal. Because it doesn't outrage any direct rule if Islam. From the point of view of Islam, if one uses a wig or use other people's hair for deceiving, the act is Haram. But in Beard transplant, it is not such. It’s the person's own hair being displaced. In addition, it can grow just like a normal facial hair so it not deceiving. Eventually, some of the Maraji of Shia (ayatollah Khamenei, Shubairi Zanjani , Noori Hamedani , etc) have declared beard transplant to be Halal. For example the Office of ayatollah  Khamenei answered: “if transplant is permanent, and don’t avoid water to reach the skin, Abdest and Ghusl are correct”

Can beard hair be transplanted to head?

It’s an alternative for hair transplant. Hair follicles taken from the face could have a better survival rate but complications like the difference in hair caliber and color can arise which is a downside. 

Does beard transplant leave scars?

It is possible that the transplant leaves some scars around transplanted hair. But most of the time, the scars are almost invisible.

Beard Transplant Beard Transplant
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