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Iran, Tehran
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  • Orthopedics 1 procedure
    Joint Replacement Surgery
    Start from $ 1,670 Enquire
  • Oncology 3 procedures
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    Chemotherapy (Stage 2)
    Start from $ 85 Enquire
    Chemotherapy (Stage 1)
    Start from $ 45 Enquire
  • Eye Care 1 procedure
    LASIK Eye Surgery
    Start from $ 1,000 Enquire
    How it is performed

    Interlase LASIK is a recent technology which is used to correct refractive errors such as myopia, hypermetropia or astigmatism by refractive surgery. Interlase LASIK enables ophthalmologist to make a flap without using a blade (with a thin laceration, a tiny lip is made on top of the cornea). The flap is done by laser beams, which are controlled from computer. Using laser beams to make the flap, instead of a blade, minimize the risks. Interlase LASIK allows to make a flap custom-made for each patient, therefore it increases the succession of the operation. Interlase technology is highly recommended by eye surgeons of Dunyagoz since it is better for the characteristics of their cornea.


    Patients suffering from myopia or short-sightedness can benefit greatly from LASIK eye surgery. LASIK is also a solution for patients that suffer from hyperopia and astigmatism.


    Local anesthetic

    Number of trips aboard

    1 trip

    Hospital stay

    1 night

    Duration of operation

    30-60 min

    Minimum stay

    3 days

    Back to work

    a day

    Back to sport

    a day

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  • Cardiology 4 procedures
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    Coronary Angiography
    Start from $ 645 Enquire
    Cardiac Surgery
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    Open heart surgery
    Start from $ 6,670 Enquire
  • Gynecology 2 procedures
    Cesarean Section
    Start from $ 670 Enquire
    Start from $ 295 Enquire
  • Neurosurgery 1 procedure
    Brain Surgery
    Start from $ 1,250 Enquire


Pars Hospital as one of the most famous and prestigious hospitals in Iran was founded in 1959. By having the most essential and well-equipped departments, it started working and nowadays it is well
known as the most successful non-profit center during decades.
Establishment of " ISO 9001 Quality Management System " was in 1998 and after about 60 years, It has been successful in obtaining the highest level Health Promotion Hospital grade (HPH) by
Ministry of Health and Medical Education in IRAN.


Open 24 hours
Phone in the room
Safe in the room
TV in the room
Wheelchair accessible toilet

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Pars Hospital 67 Keshavarz Blvd, TehranIran
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