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Acecr Qom Infertility Center Acecr Qom Infertility Center Acecr Qom Infertility Center Acecr Qom Infertility Center


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    OVARIAN STIMULATION In this process, also known as ovulation induction, a woman takes medication to stimulate the ovaries to grow many mature eggs at one time. She is closely monitored to check the development of the eggs using transvaginal ultrasound. Blood is taken to assess oestrogen production by the ovaries. When the eggs are mature—determined by the size of the ovarian follicles and the level of oestrogen—an hCG injection initiates the ovulation process. Egg retrieval follows 34 to 36 hours after the injection. EGG RETRIEVAL This is the process used to remove the eggs from the ovaries so they can be fertilized. A mild sedative and painkiller are often used during the procedure, and it normally takes about 10-15 minutes. The steps for egg retrieval are: An ultrasound probe is inserted into the vagina to visualise the ovaries and the follicles, which contain the eggs. A needle is inserted through the wall of the vagina to the ovaries. Suction is used to pull the eggs from the ovaries into the needle. FERTILIZATION A man provides a semen sample. If the sperm are healthy, they are placed in a dish with the egg and left overnight in an incubator. Fertilization usually occurs on its own. However, sometimes sperm are not able to fertilise the egg on their own. When this is the case, a single sperm is injected into an egg using a needle. This process is called intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). The number of pregnancies from IVF using natural fertilization is about the same as the number resulting from ICSI. Couples should consider genetic testing if the sperm cannot fertilize the egg on their own. The testing can determine whether the sperm have chromosome problems that might cause development problems in the resulting embryos. Embryos that develop from IVF are placed into the uterus from 1 to 6 days after retrieval. EMRYO TRANSFER The procedure is normally painless, but some women may experience cramping. A long, thin tube is inserted through the vagina and into the uterus where the embryo is gently expelled. All the material and spiritual rights of this website belong to the Ace.

    قبل ان تغادر

    All the orders regarding care after procedure will be informed. Also, you will be informed about ways of communication with us.


    Completing all documents which were requested before starting procedure such as sperm analysis, blood tests, hysterosalpingography and etc.


    Patients can stay or can return to their country in good condition and without any worry.


    تخدير عام

    عدد الرحلات على متن

    depends on patients condition according to doctor"s opinion

    الإقامة في المستشفى


    مدة العملية

    approximately 1 hour

    الحد الأدنى للإقامة

    25 days

    العودة الى العمل

    depends on patients condition according to doctor"s opinion

    العودة إلى الرياضة

    depends on patients condition according to doctor"s opinion

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